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This page contains the Cool Mountainous Planting Guide for South Eastern Australia.  To download a printable PDF of the guide click the link below.

About this guide

How this guide was put together

This planting guide is based on information drawn from six planting guides for South Eastern Australia, both contemporary and historical.  The planting recommendations from each planting guide was  collated and graphed.  Where there was a strong correlation between the guides for planting a vegetable in a given month it was placed In this guide.  Outliers with weaker correlations were discarded.

the area the guide covers

The general area the guide covers is most of Tasmania and the cool mountainous areas of mainland Australia from just West of Ararat to the North of Canberra.   The BLUE part of the map highlights the area that this guide covers.   To view a PDF version of this map click HERE

Note that the areas the six guides covered did vary slightly so the above map is an amalgamation of these areas, it is also not that detailed.  As such it should only be seen as a rough guide.

further information

The planting guides that were used to put together this guide only stated whether the vegetable should be sown directly as seed or planted as seedlings, and some of the guides did not even differentiate between the two methods of planting.

Whereas this guide gives detailed instructions on when to sow directly, when to plant seedlings and when to sow seeds in seedling propagation boxes for planting out as seedlings in four to six weeks time.  It also offers information on when to protect emerging seeds and seedlings from frosts and cold weather and weather seedlings are best grown in single cell seedling trays.  As such the information in this planting guide is unique and is not found in the original guides, or indeed in any other planting guide.

LEFT: Capsicum and eggplant seedlings growing in single cell seedling trays on top of an aquarium heater propagation box.  RIGHT: A pumpkin seedling that was grown in a single cell seedling tray.
This planting guide shows whether seedlings should be grown in single cell seedling trays (less disturbance of the roots when transplanting) and when best grown using artificial heating such as an aquarium heater propagation box provides.