Urban Food Garden

Vegetable Patch Size

One of the first things you need to do when planning a food garden is to decide the size of your vegetable patch.   This page

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Testing Soil pH

Testing the pH (measurement of acidity or alkalinity) of soil is an important tool in managing a vegetable patch.  This page looks at how soil

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Deep Litter Chicken Pens

All mulching materials can be spread over vegetable beds as is, but most will be improved considerably if they are first processed to break them

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Siting Raised Vegetable Beds

Most vegetables need full sunlight to grow properly, so it is important that you maximise the available sunlight  while not compromising other factors such as

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Mulching Materials

This page lists some of the more common mulching materials available.  It is by no means a complete list, but all the mulches mentioned below

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Removing Couch Grass

Couch is a tough perennial weed that, if left unchecked, can completely choke vegetable garden beds.  This webpage offers some techniques to effectively remove it.

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Managing Weeds

Arguably the most common reason for people giving up growing vegetables is out of control weeds.  But an efficiently managed vegetable patch requires much less

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