Urban Food Garden


This Ballarat & District planting guide was put together by John Ditchburn with input from a number of experienced vegetable gardeners in the Ballarat area, only vegetables that have actually been grown by John or these gardeners have been listed. As such the guide is far from complete, it is recommended that local Ballarat gardeners also consult other cool climate vegetable planting guides.

It lists what seeds to sow and seedlings to plant, plus what seeds to sow in seedling boxes for planting out as seedlings in four to  six weeks time.  Key vegetables only, not all vegetables that can be planted at this time are listed.

Individuals and community organisations are welcome to copy and distribute this planting guide as long as it is not published for profit in any way.

To see the printable .pdf version of this guide including an explanation of what the symbols mean click the month links below.