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Planting Corn In A Raised Bed

The traditional distances for planting corn vary from 20 to 25 cm apart with 60 to 100 cm between rows. However, these distances do not fit the dimensions of a typical raised bed, (around one metre wide). Below is a step by step explanation of how to plant corn within the confines of a raised bed.


Apply fertilisers as per the STANDARD VEGETABLES rate then turn the bed over and rake flat.


Plant in a three, two, three triangulated pattern so that the space between each plant is about 35 centimetres in any given direction.


Plant 3 seeds 2 cm deep in a tight grouping in each place you intend to grow a corn plant then thin out to the strongest seedling when the seedlings are about 4 or 5 cm high.  Lay any surplus removed seedlings next to the remaining ones as they will act as decoy food for slugs and snails.

If all the seeds fail in a single group then carefully transplant a  spare  seedling from a neighbouring group.  Do not replant failed groups with more seeds. This is because all the corn needs to mature at the same time if they are to be properly pollinated.


Corn seedlings do not like having their roots disturbed.  If you are planting seedlings they will transplant more easily if they have been grown in single cell seedling trays as this minimises root disturbance.
Water both the roots and leaves of the seedlings with liquid fertiliser when transplanted. This is because leaves can also absorb nutrients. 

Planting distances and pattern for corn planted in a raised bed. 


For information on aftercare, watering and harvesting of corn see GROWING CORN.