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Fowlers Electric Preservers

Fowlers Vacola make two different electric preservers. While both models work in the same way they have their relative advantages and disadvantages. Below is a comparison of the two units.

Fowlers simple natural preserver

This is the cheaper of the two preserving units Fowlers sell; being smaller, made of plastic and without a thermostat.  It is the unit I use as its smaller size means it is better suited to processing small batches of home grown produce.  While the plastic the container is made of is tough it will not last as long as Fowlers’ Professional Stainless Steel Preserving Unit.

As it does not come with thermostat control you have to be careful that you do not cook the bottles longer than the recommended time, though I have generally found this not to be a problem.  

  • 19 litre capacity – fits up to 8  No 20 (600 ml) jars or 5  No 31 (1 litre) jars.


  • Plastic construction with 1800 watt, 240 volt electric element.


  • Comes with three No 14 (350 ml) jars each complete with rings, lids, and clips.


  • 40 page recipe & instruction book: ‘Secrets of Successful Preserving’.


  • 12 month warranty.


  • Retails for around $195 Australian. (2023 price)

The Fowlers Simple Natural Preserving Kit.

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  • Cheaper than the professional stainless steel preserver.
  • Its smaller capacity makes it ideal for preserving small batches of produce.
  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.
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  • Its smaller capacity makes it less suitable for processing large amounts of produce.
  • The plastic it is made off will not last as long as the stainless steel unit.
  • Does not have a thermostat to regulate temperature.
Fowlers Professional Stainless Steel Preserver

Is larger and more expensive than the  Fowlers Simple Natural Preserver.  Being made of stainless steel it will last longer and the bigger size means it can process more jars.  As it comes with a thermostat it offers much better temperature control.  

  • 34 litres  capacity – fits up to 12 No. 20 (600 ml) jars  and  7 No. 31 (1 litre) jars.


  • Stainless steel construction with 2400 watt, 240 volt electric element and thermostat.


  • Sold as a unit only or as part of a kit.


  • The kit  comes with three No 20 (600 ml) jars  and three No 31 (1 litre) jars, each complete with rings, lids, and clips.  As well as a 40 page recipe & instruction book.


  • 12 month Warranty.


  • Retails for around $695 Australian for just the unit and $755 for the complete kit. (2023 prices).

The Fowlers Professional Stainless Steel Preserver.

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  • Its large capacity means it can process more in a single batch.
  • Will last longer as it is made of stainless steel.
  • Comes with a thermostat, which gives it better temperature control.
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  • Much more expensive than the Simple Natural Preserver.
  • Its large capacity means it is not suited to processing small batches.


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