Urban Food Garden

SQUASH – Golden Nugget

While the taste of Golden Nugget squash is arguably not as good as some pumpkin varieties its huge advantage is that it produces a mature crop at least two months before any other variety of pumpkin or squash.  But as well as being early it also stores well, if stored in a dry well-ventilated area it will keep for several months, of all the pumpkins and squashes that I grow Golden Nugget stores the longest. 


Golden Nugget has Large mid green leaves growing on thick tubular stalks that protrude from a central stem.  It has a slight tendency to spread as the plant matures, though it usually takes up no more than about a square metre of garden space.  The plant looks and behaves in a similar way to a zucchini plant. 

It produces several small to medium sized ball shaped fruit to about a kilo in weight.  The skin is a dark orange colour with lighter orange coloured flesh.  The skin gets slightly darker as the pumpkin matures.  

Golden Nugget squash with mature fruit on it.

Closeup of the inside of a Golden Nugget squash.