Urban Food Garden

Saving Tomato Seeds

As tomato plants do not cross pollinate seeds collected from tomatoes will stay true to type, which makes them an ideal vegetable to save seeds

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Seed Saving Methods

There are basically two different methods to collect seeds the Dry Method and the Wet Method. SEED SAVING USING THE DRY METHOD This is the

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Saving Lettuce Seeds

Lettuces are ideal plants to save seeds from as they do not cross pollinate, which means the seeds will produce identical plants to the parent

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DEFEND: Slugs & Snails B

BEER TRAPS Beer traps are a traditional and environmentally friendly way of killing slugs and snails.  Essentially they are a beer filled container that is

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This section looks at how you can deter birds from damaging your vegetables. WIRE MESH Birds such as Starlings and Blackbirds can wreck havoc in

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When faced with pests eating vegetables many people instinctively reach for a powerful poison, but this should be a last resort only.  A better way

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Growing Corn

CHARACTERISTICS AND REQUIREMENTS Large plant that needs plenty of space if it is to grow decent sized ears. Requires a rich well drained soil with

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