Urban Food Garden

SEASONAL BLOG -Spring Seedling Production Follow Up


This is my seedling tray planting, potting up and planting out thus far.  Plantings are running a little later this season due to the colder than average weather in the past three weeks.

All the tomato seedlings have now been potted up into 14cm black pots, had their first pruning of laterals and been tied to stakes.  The advantage of 14cm pots is that they can be held for longer before planting out.  And as the pots are good at absorbing heat the plants will grow more quickly.  The warmer the soil the more vigorous  the plant growth.

To tie them up I use wire ties attached to bamboo stakes.

Most of the capsicum and chilli plants have been potted up to 10 cm square black pots.  I use these smaller pots as capsicum and chilli plants tend to grow more slowly than tomato plants.  They will hold in these smaller pots for just as long as tomato plants in 14 cm pots.

Eggplant seedlings on the verge of being potted up into 10 cm square black pots.  They are also slower growing than tomato plants, so do not need the larger 14cm pots.

Three of the potted up tomato-plants were planted in the Greenhouse (16th October).  This is unusually late, normally I would plant my greenhouse tomato plants around the first week of October.   The late planting is due to the colder than average weather we have experienced in the last three weeks.  The outdoor tomato plants will not go in for another week due to the soil not being warm enough and there still being a risk of a late frost.