Ballarat & district vegetable planting guide
upgrade review

I am upgrading the Ballarat & District guide to make it both more accurate and easier to understand, amongst other changes I have added:-

  • A separate green column in each month to list sowings in seedling boxes.
  • A (1) sign next to seed/seedling planting symbols to indicate vegetables that do better when grown in Single cell seedling trays (for vegies that don’t like their roots being disturbed).
  • (E) or (L) symbols for when it is best to plant vegetables Early or Late in the month.
  • A light blue cover symbol to indicate planting under a temporary polytunnel or cloche to be removed once the weather has warmed up.

What I am asking veggie gardeners to do is send feedback about how easy it is for them to read this guide and to give suggestions as to how to improve it.  While this guide only covers Ballarat & District this request is aimed at all veggie gardeners in South Eastern Australia as after completing this guide I plan to create planting guides for cool mountainous and the warm inland/mild coastal regions as well.

Note that this is not a review of the content (planting recommendations) it is about how easily the layout and symbols can be understood.  Only A to K plantings are displayed, once this review has been completed I will produce a complete version of the planting guide.

To review the guide please download a .pdf of the new planting guide click HERE

To download a .pdf of the existing planting guide (to see what it is changing from) click HERE